‘The Rebel Sell’ has been perfected

Touching on themes of the monstrous and grotesque in fashion and Character Culture, the latest SHOWstudio project, Monster Ball, by Nick Knight and Ruth Hogben for Lady Gaga’s world tour, continues to engage in the chanteuse’s themes, exploring the boundaries of style, gender, masquerade, deviance, difference and the human body. However a blog titled Dancing with Machine Guns, made this interesting point…

The “transgressive” tactics employed by Gaga produce what Michel Foucault might call an “incitement to discourse”—igniting blog posts, cultural criticism, theory which effectively produces the image of Gaga and generates value, meaning, and interest in her project while transgression-as-capitalist tactic remains obscured.

There are those that find Gaga enticing myself included, she has a message to promote and has become the mistress of subverting her appearance and femininity, however her record company is also selling us a lot of product. If you choose to listen to her, it comes at a price.


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