The Alien and the Natural

Roy Brown’s recent series of drawings represents the feminine in the masculine/feminine divide, regular motif’s that can be found in his work. This is where fluid and soft pencil strokes form faces of an entirely different feel to the willow masks previously shown on this blog, yet these are equally as intricate. As opposed to building upon the face, in this work Brown strips down our visual expectations and beyond skin to expose the maze of muscle beneath, the influence of the physicality of nature beginning to appear more like an entangled network of vegetation. One can easily be put in mind of science fiction creatures represented in The Quatermass Xperiment (1955), and DC Comics creation ‘Swamp Thing’, which makes more than a nod to the constructed bodily representations of ‘Mother Nature’, Gaia and folkloric references to the Green Man. Looking at Brown’s inspiration there is an awareness of hidden ritual and the purposeful use of a masks, physical or metaphorical, to allow a separate channel in our lives. In any case it is a well formed exploration of the unification between alien and natural, the future and the past.

Keiron LeVine


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