Pinch Me, I’m Dreaming.

As of the 14th of September, icon of the avant-garde, designer Walter Van Beirendonck is exhibiting a large scale collection presenting his career to date at the Antwerp Fashion Museum. The title Dream The World Awake is indeed highly appropriate as the collections, silhouettes and garments at first appear chimerical yet the reality of his concerns hit home once the concepts and theories behind  Van Beirendonck’s work are unearthed.  At the heart of his work is an honest interpretation of society viewed through bursts of colour, extraordinary shape and apparent shock tactic.

With the subjects of gender and sexuality frequently saturating the often graphic styled work,  issues such as AIDS prevention and mass consumerism are met in a way that can be playfully disguised though not at all hidden. His collection includes symbolic condom headphones, genital based headgear and Mexican ‘Day of the Dead’ inspired framework, while the exhibition also presents collaborative work with Nick Knight, Simon Foxton and GQ Style UK.  Beyond the catwalk is the realm of inspiration, abundant with the spiritual, technological and supernatural that Van Beirendonck invites us to witness. The exhibition runs until February 19th 2012, providing the perfect opportunity to delve into and explore this world of intrigue.

Keiron LeVine

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